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The Academy of Grinds is a cornerstone of exam preparation in North Dublin and its surrounding areas. We are dedicated to helping students get focused, stay motivated and attain the marks needed for success.


Our sole purpose and the foundation of our weekly grinds lies in maximising students’ exam results. Our outstanding weekly grinds programme, a 32-week programme commencing in September 2019 until May 2020, strips away the unnecessary sections of each subject and focuses solely on the core examinable material.


Our weekly grinds programme is designed to help empower, motivate, educate and guide students that register to think critically, make sense of new concepts and ensure that they are truly comprehending the material covered.  


Why is The Academy of Grinds the #1 choice for students?


The Academy of Grinds offers more than tuition, we offer more value and extras than any other grinds school. We take a 360 degree approach for successful exam preparation, to deliver the best possible outcomes for our students.


Our unique, one of a kind, carefully designed Weekly Grinds Programme of success, provides the following benefits:


  • 75 minutes of weekly expert exam focused tuition held in a class-based environment


  • One to one student assessment with a personalised study and wellness planner

    • Strengths and weaknesses of each student are identified and used to guide them through their study to help utilise their strengths and ultimately maximise their performance 


  • Study Skills Programme- (Free for early bird booking before midnight Friday 28th September)

    • All students will take part in a 4 hour study skills programme that is designed to teach them strategies on how to learn, prepare and be successful in their examinations 


  • ‘Student Success Programme’-

    • Each student will be part of our specialised success programme that addresses their academic, physical and mental health to ensure they combine them all in achieving their full potential and becoming more successful in their studies


  • Access to our ‘Mindfulness for stress management course’ –

    • With this course, students will learn how to manage their stress and positively channel it in enhancing their ability to succeed


  • Weekly comprehensive exam focused bespoke class-notes


  • A breakdown of the marking scheme and an in-depth analysis of the upcoming state examination for each  subject with sample H1 answers


  • A mock examination simulated under state examination conditions and corrected by external correctors

    • help build their confidence and give them the opportunity to experience a high-pressure exam environment


  • Our specially designed parent course

    • will provide parents of registered students’ access to valuable college information needed with respect to the CAO application, information on universities and grants available to support students and parents through their college years.


Costs and Payment Options 


Our exceptionally competitive pricing offers the best value for money!


It costs from just €30 per week for 1 subject, and from €25 for the second and third subject. 

Our time and commitment towards each student that attends our programme define the success of this programme and this is an integral part of what we do to successfully maximise their full potential.


We now offer 3 payment plans to suit your family budget. Pay by the month, in 4 instalments or in a one-off payment. 


More Questions?


If you still have questions, why not check out our Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. 

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Administration office: The Academy of Grinds, Innovation Centre, First Floor, Civic Centre, Dublin 9, D09 C8P5 

TEL: (01) 557-3049  |  info@theacademyofgrinds.com