The Academy of Grinds - Student Success Programme 


Our Student Success Programme is something we have developed and offer that is unique to The Academy of Grinds. No other grinds school offers this programme and it is proving to be a game changer for our students. It drives commitment, increases success and is incorporated into our Weekly Grinds Programme. This programme facilitates a students’ success. It steers a students into the right mind frame to think successfully and understand that success is something that comes to everyone when a number of key critical elements are addressed.  


Inspiring students to succeed 

This programme is specially designed to support and develop students in the run up to the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert examinations. Our programme addresses aspects such as motivation, determination, flexibility, confidence, vitality, perseverance, mental and physical health, healthy eating, exercise which truly sets our students apart from others to achieve the best they can.  


Replacing fear with excitement 

Our aim is that our students become more motivated and confident. We will help them to believe in themselves and see the result they deserve coming closer.  


The examinations in June will become something they will be looking forward to rather than fearing. They will see how the exams are a tool to facilitate their future career path and one they will be ready to take. The fear will be removed, the pressure eased, and it will become a challenge that they will overcome rather than a feared examination.   


One to one Student assessment 

We have developed a one to one assessment programme that is available to all of our students. We will sit with each student individually and ascertain where their strengths and weaknesses lie.


From this one to one assessment, we will establish, how the student learns best and guide them on how to focus and channel this knowledge to their advantage.


Each student will walk away with a clear plan of how to move forward for the year ahead.


Each student will also receive a personalised weekly study and wellness planner that they will use to support and guide them through the year ahead. 

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