Dublin Grinds for Junior Cert 

The Academy of Grinds provides weekly classes commencing in September 2019 to May 2020  with a break for Christmas and Easter.



Tuition will be held in a class-based environment and courses run for 75 minutes each week.


Students that sign up for weekly grinds attend their subject once per week on the night they register to attend. 

Weekly grind students will receive the following from our classes:

1. Expert tuition from our registered expert teachers breaking the subject matter down topic by topic and identifying exactly how to approach questions using sample and past state examinations papers and solutions.

2. Exam-focused study notes clarifying the areas to concentrate on to ensure the student is fully prepared to deliver that H1 answer on the topic in June by providing sample and past state examinations questions and solutions.

3. Students can avail of one to one support from our teachers both before and after class to help with any areas they are finding particularly difficult.

4. Everything covered will focus on the curriculum, dissecting exactly what is necessary to achieve a H1 answer. 

5. Confidence and inspiration from listening to our expert teachers demonstrate how to present the perfect full marks answer in a topic delivered in an environment that is designed specifically to inspire students to excel in their academic studies.



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Administration office: The Academy of Grinds, Innovation Centre, First Floor, Civic Centre, Dublin 9, D09 C8P5 

TEL: (01) 557-3049  |  info@theacademyofgrinds.com