Dublin Grinds  - PRICING


How much does it cost for grinds in Dublin?

We have transparent and easy payment plans and options to make our weekly grinds available for most budgets. 


 Our promise to you:

- we employ the very best teachers in their fields

- high-quality study notes

- exam focused classes

- world class university environment. 

- a full programme of supports on top of our grinds


          FROM €30 per grind for one subject

          FROM €25 per grind for a second or subsequent subject



Payments can be up front for the remainder of the term or in instalments. Instalment amounts will change pro rata depending on what week you join. Our office will be able to help you if you have any trouble booking online. 


How it works - 

1. Book online here (you will be taken through a payment process and you will choose your subjects). 

2. You will be asked to choose your subject(s) then you will be brought to a payment page. 

3. You will get a choice to pay upfront or in instalments. 


Easy payment plans

We offer payment plans to suit everyone's budget - you can pay monthly, 4 instalments or a one-off payment.


TAOG quarterly.png
TAOG One time payment.png


Easy pay in monthly instalments. 

Payments are made on the first of each month (max eight months adjusted for when you join)

Your final payment will be adjusted based on your start date.

€135 / Month
Four Instalments


Split the cost over 4 payments (or less depending on when you join).

Payment will be paid in September, 1st November, 1st January, 1st March.

Each payment is €255. Your final payment will be adjusted based on your start date.

€255 per instalment
One-off payment


Pay in full and get up to €120 off the total payment.


This is based on joining at the start of the term. Payment will be adjusted accordingly if you join mid-term. 



Call our office - on 01 557 3049 or email info@theacademyofgrinds.com if you have any questions and we can help you to book your place. 


Students cannot be registered in a class until payment is received for their first instalment or they have paid in full.


If you do not join in the first week of our term, that is ok, sign up as normal on our online booking system. If you sign up for monthly or instalments, your final payment will be adjusted (reduced) based on the date you signed up. 




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Administration office: The Academy of Grinds, Innovation Centre, First Floor, Civic Centre, Dublin 9, D09 C8P5 

TEL: (01) 557-3049  |  info@theacademyofgrinds.com