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What is the Difference between the special offer Free Grinds Day and the Weekly Grinds?

The Leaving and Junior Certificate Free Grinds Day provides up to 5 hours of expert tuition in total across four subjects of the students choice, COMPLETELY FREE from the top teachers in their fields. In this day, students will receive tuition from our expert teachers, complimentary exam focused study notes, guidance on the State examinations and the marking scheme. In the weekly classes, the curriculum will be covered with the focus on the marking scheme and clarity on how to achieve the best results. Students who register for weekly grinds will receive tuition, exam focused notes and one to one support from our expert teachers on a weekly basis.

How do I book the Free Grinds Trial ?

Booking of the free grinds day is very simple, go online and fill out the form, and one of our staff members will be in touch to book in th next available dates for your chosen subject(s)

Is the Free Grinds Trial really free ?

Yes, they cost absolutely nothing to attend. There are no hidden costs associated with these classes.

When do the Weekly Grinds commence?

Weekly grinds will commence on September 10th, 2019 and will run weekly until the end of May 2020. Students can join during the year at any stage.

How many weeks of Grinds will students receive if they sign up ?

Depending on when they sign up, and we advise signing up at the beginning to avoid disappointment. It is a 32 week programme right up until May 2020. A mock examination is included in this programme.

Will there be any intense revision at the end of the year for Weekly Grinds students?

Yes, the last few weeks of weekly grinds will focus on revision.

Can students get one to one support during the Weekly Grinds?

Yes. The student can speak to the teacher on an individual one-to-one basis before and after class, each week. There is also a one to one personal assessment for students that sign up which will result in the development of a personalised weekly study and wellness planner for each student.

If a student is weak at a subject, will they get lost?

Students will not get lost because our expert teachers breakdown the examination and highlight the important parts identifying exactly what a student needs to get the maximum marks in their examination. This will only do one thing for the student, that is, improve their marks.
These classes set out the plan, break down the difficult parts, steer the students in the right direction, give them confidence and inspire them to want to succeed.

If the student misses a class how do they catch up ?

This is very simply done by going through the expert notes and speaking to the teacher at the next class to seek clarification on any part of the course they may have missed.

Do I have to pay in full when I register for Weekly Grinds?

No, you decide which payment plan suits you best. There are 3 payment options, Monthly, quarterly and in full. We will facilitate what suits you best and if our plan does not work for you, you can call our office to discuss what suits you better. We will work with all parents to facilitate payment.

Is there an office that I can go to if I have a problem and I want to discuss it in person with school management?

Yes, there will be a school manager outside the tuition rooms that you can talk to on the evening of classes or you can call to our administration office during office hours and talk to the Academy Director.

Do the students who register for the Weekly Grinds get any practice doing examinations?

Yes, Mock Examinations are built into the programme during the year as part of building the students’ confidence and giving them practice doing examinations.

Can I check that my child is attending the classes each week ?

Yes, we will keep a record each week of all attendees and you can check your child’s attendance, if required.

Is there classes during the mid-term break?

No, we give our students and teachers a break during the mid-term break.

Are there classes during Easter and Christmas?

No. There are no classes during Easter or Christmas.Please refer to our section on Weekly Grinds timetables for further information.

Is the all important Higher Level Leaving Certificate Irish Oral Examination covered specifically, in the Weekly Grinds?

Yes, it will be covered in the weekly classes and we also offer an additional specially designed course which consists of 4 hours of tuition (free to 6th year higher level Irish students that register in our Irish class at the beginning of the year, valued at €140), a number of weeks before the examinations commence.This course is delivered by our Irish teacher who is a state oral Irish examiner and he will be doing the state orals in 2020. This is a further step to prepare students thoroughly for their oral examination, which is worth 40% of the overall marking scheme. This is free to students that register for our 6th year higher level Irish class before September 28th.

How can I pay for the Weekly Grinds classes?

You can pay online or at The Academy of Grinds reception desk by cash, cheque or bankers draft or you can ring the office and pay via phone with card. Payments can be made monthly, in instalments, quarterly or as a once off payment. Payment must be made before the student commences class.

Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes. Please call the office to avail of this discount.

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